A Little Starburst About Me...

Raised in Italy, I was surrounded by the beauty of Italian art. Our rustic home was cuddled by farmland with a backdrop of the rolling hills. With the enticing aromas of my mother’s cooking surrounding me, I would empty the colors of a box of crayons onto blank white paper.

I was inspired by art from an early age, no doubt a gift passed down from my mother. She used her creativity in creating clothes for the family and knitting warm scarves and cozy sweaters. I can still recall how she made pictures using cross stitch. She inspired me with art in everyday life, filled with passion and love.

Watching my mother express her natural artistic ability, my dream was to tap into my inherited talents in the art world. Sadly, my mother passed away when I was a little more than a teenager and life took me a different direction. Suddenly, getting a job and helping with my younger brother were a priority to keep our family going.

My desire to use my artistic gift has never left my soul. Guided by mother’s gift to me, I have expressed myself with ceramics, paint, pencil. Inspiration drawn from the cobblestone paths of my home country, landscapes, people and even the pets of my childhood.

One of my earliest memories was the love I had for our black and white border collie. He was my playmate and holds a special place in my heart. He’s been gone for over 25 years but I know the love that never dies with a four legged friend. 

With my pet and people portraits, I strive to capture the distinctive beauty, personality and most importantly the soul of your loved ones. The part that you see, I see too.

All portraits are done by using oil paint, an excellent medium that has high quality performance. It is vibrant, permanent and lasts a lifetime. 

I specialize in transforming photos of your most precious dear ones into a timeless oil painting. This can be complete families, wedding photos, a past relative or even a favorite pet. Having lost my mom at an early age, I strive to help people celebrate and memorialize their closest loved ones. I seek to transform a simple snapshot into a treasured work of art.


With my abstract painting, I love creating new design, patterns and colors. It is not just a blur, but a feeling, an emotion. It can be something when you see it, but, when you really focus on it, it becomes anything except the blur you thought it was. I don't explain my abstract work because people will feel what they feel when they see it.


I paint my portraits mostly in oil but I use also acrylic and mixed media for my abstract paintings.